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Employee Leave/Professional Development Process
  1.  Prior to the Professional Development or taking leave, go to HR Kiosk and submit a request for approval.  Be sure to note all costs associated with the PD for which you expect reimbursement. **Reimbursement will be based on your district's reimbursement policy.  Check what the policy is prior to submitting your HR Kiosk request. Print a copy of this form. 
  2. Please be sure to verify the sub needed status on your request.  Check or uncheck this option as applicable.   
  3. Once your request has been approved by your HR Kiosk Supervisor,  you are approved for your leave time.
  4. For PD requests, submit a W9 (available below in Employee Forms) to the payroll department so you can be set up as a vendor.  You will only need to submit this once;  if you have already submitted one, you do not need to do it again. 
  5. For PD requests, when you return from your pre-approved PD, fill out actual expenses on the HR Kiosk Professional Development form, attach any applicable backup documentation (such as agenda, map showing mileage, etc) and submit  to your Program or District Supervisor for signature.  
  6. For PD requests, send the completed and signed documentation to the Lake County ESC payroll department, jdowd@lakeesc.org. 

Once it is verified by the payroll department that all paperwork is complete, you will be reimbursed for your expenses on the next pay cycle. 

Employee Forms
Ohio Revised Code
Applicability of section; evaluating teachers on limited contracts.
Continuing service status - limited contract - notice of intent not to re-employ.
Contracts for employment or reemployment of teachers.
Paid Holidays.
Notice of intention not to re-employ.
Contracts for non-teaching employees.
Assistant superintendents and other administrators.
Compliance Officers
The following individuals serve as the Lake County ESC's Compliance Officers:
Debra Burke
440.350.2563, ext. 727
Patrick McKenrick
440.350.2563, ext. 720
Bylaws, Policies and Guidelines
Guide to using your HR Kiosk. Please note, HR Kiosk has gone through a face lift! While the pictures will look different, the steps should be the same.
Contact Information
Burke, Debra
Director, Human Resources & Operations
Office: 440-350-2563 x 727
Tressler, Becky
Human Resources Generalist, EMIS Coordinator
Office: 440-350-2563 x 726
Lake County Educational Service Center

8221 Auburn Road, Concord Township, Ohio 44077
Phone: 440.350.2563
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