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Individual Professional Development Plan

Individual Professional Development Plan:

It is the responsibility of every certified/licensed staff member of the LCESC to have on file, an approved Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP). The Plan, which must be submitted to the LPDC for approval, is to serve as a guideline for that individual's professional development during the next license renewal cycle. Once approved, the submitted IPDP and license(s) copy will remain on file with the committee. It is recommended that individuals review their IPDP yearly. Applicants may submit revisions of the IPDP at any time to ensure that the IPDP, goals, and position are aligned.

A new IPDP must be submitted to the LPDC by October 1st following the latest license issued. Additional forms are available at the LCESC office and on the LCESC web page.

When developing one's Plan, consideration must be given to the needs of the educator, the students, the districts and the LCESC, and should reflect that vision and direction. Complete the Self Assessment Tool prior to developing IPDP.

Upon development of an IPDP, the plan should be submitted to the Committee for approval at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting.Copies of all current certificates/ licenses must accompany the IPDP (Form 2 - Employee Profile, page1 and Goals, page 2).

Once approval of the IPDP is obtained, professional development activities may begin. Pre-approval MUST be obtained prior to the start of an educational activity or the attendance at a conference/workshop presented by a non-approved provider. Upon completion of a professional development activity, the appropriate documentation shall be submitted to the LPDC. Credit will be reviewed for approval and all documentation will remain on file with the committee.

Professional development activities must be relevant to an approved IPDP. Professional development activities completed and verified since the last issue date of the applicant's license will be reviewed for approval. Professional development activities may be applied to more than one license.

Individuals are responsible for maintaining their own Professional Development records.  Individuals are responsible for completing the necessary paperwork for the license renewal (see Application for License Renewal, page 10, of the LCESC Professional Development Guidelines).

Denied IPDP's or professional activity proposals must be modified and resubmitted by the next LPDC meeting. If the Plan or Activity is again denied, the employee may begin the appeals process.

To appeal a non-approved action by the LCESC LPDC, the employee must respond in writing to the LPDC Chairperson within 20 days of notification of the LPDC decision. The appeal requires submission of Form 6 and any supportive documentation.

The employee requesting the appeal is to be present at the appeal hearing prepared to clarify and/or present to the committee.

The appeal hearing will be held no later than 30 days of receipt of the appeal. The LPDC will render a decision in writing to the employee within 10 days of the hearing.

An employee may appeal the decision of the LCESC Professional Development Committee. Within 10 days of the LCESC Professional Development Committee's final, written decision, the employee must request a hearing before the County-Wide Appeals committee. The request is to be submitted in writing to the Chair of the LCESC Professional Development Committee by completing Form 7 and attaching any supportive documentation. (see page 9 of the LCESC Professional Development Guidelines for complete process) .


Professional Growth Options
Option 1: 6 Semester Hours

  1. Coursework for semester hours must meet the Standards and Guidelines For Professional Development.
  2. Coursework must be taken at an accredited college or university.

Option 2: Approved Professional Development Activities (180 contact hours)

  1. Approved Educational Activities must meet the Standards and Guidelines for Professional Development.
  2. Individuals designing educational activities must prepare a proposal outlining the planned activities and the number of estimated clock hours requested.

Option 3: Combination of Above

  1. Requirements and verifications for each type of activity included must meet the previous descriptions.
  2. The combined components must be equivalent to 180 clock hours.

    Hour Conversions:
    One Semester Hour = 30 clock hours 
    One CEU Hour = 10 clock hours 
    One PDU Hour = 1 clock hour 

The Ohio Department of Education deadline for submitting applications for certificate/license renewal is June 30. Therefore during your renewal year, completed applications, the LPDC verification form, and the appropriate check need to be submitted to the LPDC Chair by May 1st.

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