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Value Added & Linkage
Ohio’s new evaluation system is built on the fact that no one single measure can determine if a teacher is effective. We use a balanced approach that blends observations by trained educators and many data points. Value-Added is one source of information that we incorporate into our teacher evaluation system.
Value-added analysis is a statistical method that helps educators measure the impact schools and teachers have on students’ academic progress rates from year to year. All Value-Added measures are not the same. In fact, Value-Added measures differ from state to state. Ohio has been careful to select a Value-Added measure that provides educators with information on how they can use data to focus instruction.
Because many teachers in Ohio began using Value-Added years before it was incorporated into the teacher evaluation system, Ohio has laid a firm foundation that supports using this Value-Added information for professional learning and supporting students.
  • Understanding Basic Descriptive Statistics
  • Reviewing Value-Added Data Concepts
  • Introducing Value-Added Progress Measures
  • Introducing Value-Added Reports School Effectiveness
  • Logging In, Examining the Home Page, and Navigating Value-Added Reports Providing Access to Value-Added Reports (For School Administration)
  • Performing Searches and Creating Custom Reports
  • Interpreting Teacher-Level Value-Added Reports
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