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Summer Office Schedule
Our Summer Office Schedule is in effect until July 29th. 

Office Hours: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM,  Monday -Thursday.

**NOTE: The office is closed July 1st and July 4th.

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The ESC of the Western Reserve offers a variety of Services for students who reside in either Geauga or Lake County. Districts with students who require very specialized Services to meet their individual needs may find it difficult to provide the variety of services necessary to meet a variety of needs. Districts may need to provide those services in collaborative and consortium model. Access to high quality personnel in the shared mode These services range from supervision to manage staff all the way to the transportation of student.
The ESC of the Western Reserve is able to provide effective programming in a cost effective manner, as well as, support the individual districts in providing programs within their own schools. All programming is designed with the least restrictive environment in mind. Students are provided support and services at their individual level of need to allow them to remain as close to the regular education setting as possible.
The ESC of the Western Reserve is committed to assisting districts to provide Free and Appropriate Public Education to the students in their districts. The ESC of the Western Reserve approaches planning by using the Lake and Geauga County Leadership Cycle. The appropriate stakeholders are convened to identify needs and goals. The team collaborates to maximize resources for the identified common goal. The team remains together to create a new product, service options or programs. The process has proven to result in success!