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ESC of the Western Reserve Programs
The ESC of the Western Reserve offers a variety of program options for students who reside in either Geauga or Lake County. Districts with students who require very specialized programming to meet their individual needs may find it difficult to provide the variety of services necessary to meet a variety of needs. Districts may need to provide those services in collaborative and consortium model.
The ESC of the Western Reserve is able to provide effective programming in a cost effective manner, as well as, support the individual districts in providing programs within their own schools. All programming is designed with the least restrictive environment in mind. Students are provided support and services at their individual level of need to allow them to remain as close to the regular education setting as possible.
The ESC of the Western Reserve is committed to assisting districts to provide Free and Appropriate Public Education to the students in their districts. The ESC of the Western Reserve approaches planning by using the Lake and Geauga County Leadership Cycle. The appropriate stakeholders are convened to identify needs and goals. The team collaborates to maximize resources for the identified common goal. The team remains together to create a new product, service options or programs. The process has proven to result in success! 

Geauga Achieve

Geauga ACHIEVE is an educational program serving students with multiple disabilities who require moderate to intensive instruction. Geauga Achieve aims to provide all students, regardless of disability, an educational program in a supportive envirnment that meets the individual needs of the student. 
Locations: Cardinal, Kenston, and West Geauga Districts- Cardinal High School, Kenston Middle, Timmons Elementary, West Geauga High School, West Geauga Middle School, and Lindsey Elementary. 

Building Resiliency in Children (BRC)

Building Resilience in Children (BRC) is an educational program that provides both therapeutic day treatment as well as academic instruction. Classroom staffing is comprised of a Therapist, Intervention Specialist, and Paraprofessional. BRC classrooms are open to students that qualify from Geauga, Lake and Ashtabula counties. The classrooms are staffed by the ESC of the Western Reserve in collaboration with Ravenwood Heath and Signature Health. 

 Location: Jordak Elementary; 16000 E. High Street, Middlefield, OH, 44062

Carrington School Program

The Carrington School Program provides educational services to children placed into the Carrington Youth Academy children's residential facility. 
Location:  2114 Noble Road, Cleveland, OH, 44112

Geauga CORE

Geauga CORE is an educational program serving students at risk due to emotional challenges resulting from trauma.  The CORE classroom help students gain the skills necessary to become college and career ready. Academic success, community involvement and self-reliance are the three outcomes that underpin the CORE classroom.
Location: Auburn Career Center- 8140 Auburn Road, Painesville, OH, 44077   

Early Childhood-Preschool:

Our Early Childhood Preschool programs provide opportunities for regular education and special education for children ages 3 to 5 in both Lake and Geauga Counties. Children with special needs are referred through local school district's Special Education Departments. Programming is provided in Center-Based Preschool Classrooms. 
Locations: Fairport Preschool-McKinnley Elementary, Jordak Elementary, Perry Preschool-Tarbuck Center, Ledgemont Elementary, and the Metzenbaum Center. 

Gaitway High School

Gaitway High School is an alternative school program that operates in a nontraditional setting where students with emotional and educational needs are integrated into the daily working of a nationally recognized therapeutic riding center. Gaitway High School exists for high school students who thrive best in a non-traditional environment with support from caring, experienced professionals. Gaitway High School offers connection to the natural environment, the opportunity to experience a relationship with horses and the setting to allow experimental application of classroom theory. 
Location: 16497 Snyder Rd., Chagrin Falls, 44023

K'nextions Learning Academy

K'nextions Learning Academy is an alternative on-line accredited program for students in grades 6-12. KLA offers School Districts the ability to maintain state funding and student enrollment. Students can gain new credits, recoup lost credits, practice for OGT or OAA tests and get help from experienced teachers in four major areas of study. Multiple School District currently utilize this program. 

Latchkey Program

The Latchkey program provides quality child care to school age children that attend McKinnley Elementary.
 Location: McKinnley Elementary School-602 Plum Street, Fairport Harbor, OH, 44077

Project Search

Project Search is a High School Transition Program that is a one year internship for students with disabilities, in their last year of High School. The student's will participate in three internships to explore a variety of career paths. 
Location: Lakeland Community College- 7700 Clocktower Drive, Kirtland, OH, 44094 

SAIL & STARS Programs

SAIL & STARS Programs: Our mission is to provide educational services to school-aged students that fall on the Autism spectrum who thrive best in a self-contained environment that emphasizes the acquisition of social and interpersonal language skills. It offers flexible services designed with each student's success in mind. 
Locations: Perry, Cardinal Middle, Cardinal High, Jordak Elementary, West Geauga Middle, and West Geauga High 

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program offers classroom presentations starting in 6th grade. The TPP strives to open communication between parent and student regarding sexuality. All efforts are made to include parents in TPP programming through homework assignments, parent orientation sessions, community presentations and parent newsletters. TPP believes that parents are the most important source of information is reinforced throughout TPP classroom curriculum. 

The Lake Academy

The Lake Academy is an alternative education program serving students in grades 7-12 who are at risk of not graduating or require credit recovery. The Lake Academy promotes individualized curriculum, parental involvement, behavior modifications, community service, employment opportunities, academic and tutorial assistance.
Location:  56 Hale Road, Painesville Township, OH, 44077

Vocational Education Programs

ESCWR Vocational Programs provide transition-to-work services and employability skill training for students with disabilities. Through these programs, students will learn the employablility skills that are necessary for obtaining competitive work.   Students will enhance and apply their employability skills within the community setting at a variety of competitive and community job training sites. 
  1. Job Training Course: 
    To provide a work environment where students can explore a variety of careers while learning soft skills in a community job site.  This elective course offers half and full day work experience for students who are ready to practice their employability skills at a community job site alongside paid employees.  Students who work a full day have met all  academic requirements. 
    Students work at different job sites throughout the school year.  These job sites are determined by the employer’s needs and students’ age  appropriate transition assessments. 
  2. Course Location:
    1.  Job Training Program EAST (Serving Cardinal, Berkshire & Chardon)
    2.  Job Training Program WEST (Serving Kenston, Newbury, West Geauga & Chagrin Falls)
    3.  Gaitway High School Job Training Program

Unique Like Me

Unique Like Me is a storefront vocational skills training site. The store is operated solely by the ESC staff and students. All items that are in the store are made by the students. In addition, the students fully participate in the operation of the retail setting including greeting the customers, keeping the store clean, tracking the inventory, and running the cash register. 
Location: 184 Main Street, Painesville, OH, 44077 

Youth Led Prevention

Youth Led Prevention is exactly as it sounds. Youth telling adults what issues they face, and advocating for their ideas on how to fix them. The adult leader or allies' role is to help guide the process of identifying the problem, determining capacity to change the problem, developing solutions, implementing ideas, and even evaluating the impact of their solutions. 
Educational Service Center of the Western Reserve

8221 Auburn Road, Concord Township, Ohio 44077
Phone: 440.350.2563
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