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Geauga CORE

Geauga CORE provides resource room instruction for students with social and emotional needs. The Mission of the Geauga CORE program is to empower students at risk due to social and emotional challenges to experience academic success and prepare for post-secondary success by providing a continuum of tools, strategies and supports. Geauga CORE classrooms help students at risk or with disabilities of adjustment or emotion to develop tools and strategies for increased success. Academic success, community involvement and self-reliance are the three outcomes that underpin the Geauga CORE classroom programs.
We believe that; 
All students can learn social, emotional and academic skills when provided supports, tools and strategies to enable them to work around their disability.

Children develop and learn best in the context of a community where they are safe and valued, their physical needs are met and they feel psychologically secure.

Developing positive, supportive relationships between students and key adults is crucial to student success and for the child to learn and practice new behaviors.

Students benefit from interacting with their nondisabled peers and with peers who exhibit positive behaviors and choices.

A child should experience some success each day.
Students should know that they are valued and respected, and that cultural differences are valued and respected. In developing a service provider discipline-wide strategy in the schools, a strong effort must be made to coordinate and integrate the efforts of interventionists, general education teachers, social workers, and other resources available to the schools. 
To the extent possible, all collaborating service providers should share an evidence-based approach that draws upon the knowledge bases of all relevant disciplines and professions.
Education should prepare children for transitioning to adulthood, including career readiness, higher education and functioning as emotionally and socially stable individuals. 
Students learn and grow best when their parents are afforded opportunities to become involved in the educational process.   
Outcome Based Values List
1. Independence
2. Problem Recovery
3. Self-Respect
4. Valuing the Group (Community Connection)
5. Achievement
6. Social interaction

Contact Information

Jaina Gandolfi
Program Director
Phone Number: 440-339-3606


CORE is located within the Auburn Career Center.